Handball Specific shoes are low based and for changing direction similiar to Basketball or Volleyball shoes etc. 

Recomended brands

  • Mizuno

  • Adidias

  • Asics

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You can also find shoes on Amazon​

Bang, bumps and bruises! 

Pads and protection for elbows, knees and hips!

Recomended brands 

FInger tape, 

Blisters, glue and the like. Don't come and raid the physio bag for stuff you could do yourself! 

Finger tape links

Resin/Glue is used in the higer leves of the game to make the ball easier to catch and hold. 

We recomned only one prodcut. 

Select resin

Available in small and large pots and good for every player to have a small pot in their bag. 

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Baby oil removes glue, great little thing to have in your bag for after the game. 

Johnsons Baby oil does the job.



Handball Sizes 

16+ - Size 3 

u16 - Size 2 (No Resin/Glue) 

u14 - Size 1 (No Resin/Glue)

16+ - Size 2

u16+ - Size 1 (No Resin/Glue)
u14 - Size 0 (No Resin/Glue

Over 16 players can use glue when playing. 

Carry your ball in a plastic bag! 


  • Select 

  • Hummel

  • Kempa

  • Kipsta/Aoroka 

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