1. Your Interested great, message us and come along to some free sessions

2. If you like it Sign up as an official member on the form below

3. Poole Phoenix Admin Team (Liz) will be in touch with you

4. Set up a Direct Debit for your Membership to Poole Phoenix 
in the following format 

Club Member Name - Training group - Fee 
e.g. Joe Bloggs - U16s - £35


Membership Fees

x1 Training  per week = £25 per month 

x2 Training per week - £35 per month 


Sibling Discount - 25% for sibling joining the club 

Refer a friend - 15% if you get a friend to sign up and get a 

Special Circumstances

ITimes can be tough and we want people playing Handball! Dispensation and fee waivers are available and reviewed by the committee, if fees are a problem