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1. You're Interested, great news! Just drop us a  message us and come along to a free session.

2. Register as a member at

(it costs £7.50, mandatory for any player in EH competition and gives you a basic insurance when playing).



3. Set up a Direct Debit for your Membership to Poole Phoenix 
in the following format 

Club Member Name - Training group - Fee 
e.g. Joe Bloggs - U16s - £37.50

HSBC- Poole Phoenix

Sort Code 40-37-44

Ac # 00029998

4. Sign up to our communications app 'Spond' via this link 

This is where you will find all club information regarding training dates, competitions and anything Handball!!

5. Read our Club Policies and confirm your agreement on the membership form.

Membership Fees

x1 Training  per week = £27.50 per month 

x2 Training per week - £37.50 per month 


Sibling Discount - 25% for sibling joining the club 

Refer a friend - Get a month free once they've signed up!

Special Circumstances

 We know that times can be tough and we want people playing Handball!

Dispensation and fee waivers are available and reviewed by the committee.

Please do contact us in confidence, we're here to break down barriers, not create them.


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